We are a small team on a big mission to bridge the technology gap between cyclists and independent bike shops.

Cyclists are all about the tech, whether it is to check the weather forecast, record ride data or plan a route. However, the same does not ring true for independent bike shops. We decided that this was a problem worth solving, and so we set out to build a solution that could balance the scale and help both bike shops and cyclists.

“I was going into stores and they were still writing everything down on paper. They were selling these beautiful, premium bikes, but recording all their services on paper" - Stuart Blyth, CEO at Hubtiger

Hubtiger Rental and Repair Software
Hubtiger Rental and Repair Software

Hubtiger was launched in 2018 after our CEO and Co-Founder, Stuart Blyth’s own experience as a bike shop customer. He identified a need for a solution to bring bike shops up to a level comparable to most other industries around the world. Since then, Hubtiger has undergone significant evolution as the team works collaboratively with industry members to gain insight into how stores operate and what they need.

Today, Hubtiger is globally transforming how bike shops run their service and repairs operations, helping them to improve their service centre efficiency, increase their revenue and enhance their customer experience.

“We have retailers telling us they are spending 50% less time on the phone since they started to use Hubtiger.” - Stuart Blyth, CEO at Hubtiger