Where it all began

At Hubtiger, our journey began with a passion for innovation and a vision to transform service management across industries. Founded in 2018 by our CEO and Co-Founder, Stuart Blyth, Hubtiger emerged from a pivotal moment of realisation during Stuart’s experience as a customer in a bike shop.


“I was going into stores and they were still writing everything down on paper. They were selling these beautiful, premium bikes, but recording all their services on paper”

Stuart Blyth, CEO at Hubtiger


Witnessing the reliance on outdated, paper-based systems amidst a tech-driven world ignited the spark for change. Determined to bridge the technology gap and revolutionise service management, we embarked on a journey to develop a comprehensive solution.


Thus, Hubtiger was born – a catalyst for transforming service operations across industries.

Hubtiger Repair and Rental Software

“We have retailers telling us they are spending 50% less time
on the phone since they started using Hubtiger.”

Stuart Blyth, CEO at Hubtiger
Hubtiger Repair and rental software

The evolution and growth of Hubtiger

Hubtiger initially focused on providing cutting-edge workshop software solutions to streamline service management processes for service and repair shops.


However, in 2023 our journey took an exciting turn when a valued customer expressed a keen interest in rental software solutions. Recognising the opportunity to further empower businesses with comprehensive tools, we embraced this challenge wholeheartedly.


Leveraging our expertise, we swiftly expanded our offerings to include rental software that seamlessly integrates with our existing workshop software.

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The heartbeat of Hubtiger: Our core values

Over the years, Hubtiger has undergone remarkable growth, fuelled by the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team and guided by our unwavering commitment to core values. From our humble beginnings as a small team with a big mission, we’ve grown exponentially and continue to do so, transcending the boundaries of our cycling roots.


At our core lies a profound set of guiding principles intricately interwoven into the fabric of our organisation. These principles not only steer our actions but also illuminate our collective identity, leading us towards a path of excellence and innovation.

Hubtiger Values Balance
Own The Outcome
Hubtiger Values Being Positive
Raise The Bar