Hubtiger and Conte's Bike Shop Team up

The new Conte’s App simplifies and streamlines bicycle ownership and enables cyclists to keep their bikes in peak condition – hassle-free!

Conte’s Bike Shop, committed to providing cyclists with top-quality bicycle goods, service and expertise, today announced it has partnered with Hubtiger in developing the Conte’s Bike Shop App to streamline the entire bicycle ownership experience.

“We partnered with Hubtiger because of its international reputation to deliver a bespoke, curated technology for the riding communities we serve. As is evident from our new App, Hubtiger fulfilled our goal of once again bringing a uniquely enhanced customer experience to every cyclist we meet.” – David Conte

With the Conte’s Bike Shop App cyclists can:

  • Keep track of wear-and-tear on their bike components and ensure they are maintained and replaced when necessary.
  • Schedule services such as repairs and bike fits within the app.
  • Easily send and receive messages to stay in-the-loop on their bike’s progress during repairs.
  • Expand their riding circle through upcoming group rides and events in and around their area.

Learn more and download the Conte’s Bike Shop app here.

About Conte’s Bike Shop

Serving the cycling community since 1957, Conte’s Bike Shop is dedicated to providing top-quality cycling goods, service and expertise to keep you rolling smoothly. Headquartered in Virginia, Conte’s Bike Shop now has locations across Washington, DC, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Virginia, proudly offering the same legendary cycling goods and services in a neighborhood near you. Find a Conte’s shop near you. 

About Hubtiger

Hubtiger is a leading provider of tech-driven management software for bicycle retailers. Used by many bike retailers around the world, Hubtiger improves service center efficiency, increases revenue and enhances customer experience.