Keeping your bike running smoothly has never been simpler

Streamline your cycling

Hubtiger is a modern, tech-powered service, created to help cyclists take the guesswork out of bicycle maintenance.

All in one place

Add all your bicycles and components on the app, to keep track of their condition.

Easy curbside collection

Curbside and mobile drop-offs and pick-ups can be arranged from right within the app, so you can go about your day.

Keep an eye on wear 'n' tear

Get timely reminders when your bike needs some love. Notifications are based on distance travelled or time ridden.

Find like minded folk

Easily find and join cycling clubs near you and expand your riding circle.

Improve your knowledge

The app contains a wealth of maintenance knowledge, so you can learn as you ride.

Book services in seconds

When your bicycle needs a service, book it through the app in seconds.
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What our rider friends say...

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A rider’s-eye view

The Hubtiger app exists to make looking after your bicycle as hassle-free as possible. And when it comes time to get a new one, your detailed service history will make it easier to sell on for a better price.
Three ways Hubtiger keeps things simple:
  • 1
    Keep track
    Easily add and keep tabs on bicycles and components by connecting to your Strava. Your new digital log book lets you track wear and tear – track the mileage and hours on different bicycle components so you know when they’ll need replacement or repair.
  • 2
    Keep exploring
    Conveniently plan your riding experiences. Satellite linkup – connect your GPS and plan routes according to detailed weather forecasts, road information and loads more crunchy data. Racing options coming soon!
  • 3
    Keep in touch
    Super-simple booking – book a service at a shop nearby in seconds. Bicycle service notifications – know right away when the mechanics are done with your bicycle. Make instant and secure payments, right in the app. Easily opt in and out of bicycle shop newsletters, promotions and group rides.
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Available to download

for free via Google Play and App Store
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