Kart Store Namibia

Situated in the heart of Namibia, Kart Store Namibia takes the lead in the karting industry, on a mission to provide top-quality service. One of the driving forces behind the success of the store is Jörg Goldbeck, owner of Kart Store Namibia.


Kart Store Namibia started its journey about seven years ago when Jörg noticed the absence of local availability for karts and their components. This meant that drivers had to depend on imports from various locations, leading to delays and frustrations. Committed to overcoming these challenges, Jörg became increasingly involved in the importing of karts, gradually turning his personal passion into the thriving business that Kart Store Namibia is today. Jörg adds, “Not having parts available locally made karting a lot harder.”


The store has since evolved into a close-knit community, proudly featuring a team of 55 drivers who excel in local and international competitions and also actively contribute to the vibrant racing culture fostered by Jörg, the organiser of the Namibian karting championship.


Reflecting on the stores success Jorg notes: “I believe the whole success is about the business being able to supply parts on the racetrack and giving people peace of mind when something happens.”

The Challenge

Despite the dynamic nature of Kart Store Namibia, the team encountered their fair share of challenges in their early stages.


Jörg reflects, “In our first year, overseeing the finer details was a problem that kept coming up, and these small details are very important in our line of work.”


The challenge extended to handling multiple repair jobs each week, introducing the risk of miscommunication and delivery errors. Jörg initially managed repairs by taking bookings and jotting down repair notes. He then visited the workshop to verbally convey the necessary tasks to his mechanics. The team, in turn, made their own notes from these sessions and commenced their work. Unfortunately, this approach impacted the overall quality of output, occasionally leading to miscommunication and the delivery of incorrect work. This left team members responding to customer inquiries without access to crucial repair details, causing delays in customer feedback.

Elaborating on these challenges, Jörg adds, “When it comes to assigning jobs to staff things can get tricky. Each kart might need different things, and while staff can write it down or try to remember, the risk of miscommunication and delivery error is high.”


To tackle these operational challenges, Jörg was motivated to find a more efficient system to streamline their repair operations and better support his team.

The Solution

Jörg started searching for the right software solution capable of meeting Kart Store Namibia’s unique needs. However, he found that many options fell short of meeting the store’s specific needs. After a conversation with an industry colleague, Jörg was introduced to Hubtiger.


Intrigued by its capabilities, he reached out to the Hubtiger team. Jörg was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the Hubtiger team, stating, “ I came across Hubtiger and spoke to the team about our unique needs and the possibility to make changes to accommodate specific services, and the changes were done overnight. I thought to myself, this is a big app, surely they must not be interested, but they were super responsive and fast, and that was so impressive. “


The team started using Hubtiger in their shop, marking a significant improvement in Kart Store Namibia’s operations and customer service. Within a day or two, they not only learned the software but began using it full-time.

The Results

Implementing Hubtiger has been a game-changer for Jörg and his team at Kart Store Namibia. It’s now much easier for the team of three mechanics to manage their repairs by using the calendar every day. When customers arrive with their karts in need of services or engine rebuilds, Jörg adds every detail directly into Hubtiger. Inside the workshop, the staff can easily access a live screen displaying the calendar, offering a quick and comprehensive view of all repairs. This approach provides a smoother workflow, allowing the team to efficiently identify and address immediate needs.


The use of digital job cards and online service scheduling has enhanced the team’s ability to maintain high-quality standards. Comprehensive service checklists ensure that every necessary step is covered and everyone is informed and aligned on what needs to be done.


With Hubtiger, every technician is immediately up-to-date on their daily tasks, reducing confusion and ensuring an efficient workflow. One standout benefit for Jörg is the improvement in remote management. “It’s reassuring to know that the shop runs smoothly, even when I’m away,” Jörg shares. Now, when customers call for updates, Jörg can easily log into Hubtiger, check the status of a specific job, and provide them with instant progress updates.


Customer communication has also seen a major improvement with Hubtiger’s automated communication feature. The timely text messages not only keep customers informed but also reduce the need for routine calls. Jörg notes, “Customers often phone us, wondering when they can collect their karts. Thanks to the SMS updates, they now receive messages saying we need 2 days for the work, starting tomorrow.”

“Hubtiger is now an essential part of how we work. It’s straightforward for all of us to use. The features that really make a difference are the clear calendar, the digital job cards, better talking to customers, and being able to manage my team even when I’m not there. These have really changed our shop for the better.”

- Jörg Goldbeck, Owner Kart Store Namibia

Kart Store Namibia’s journey with Hubtiger is a clear story of progress and positive change. With Hubtiger, their shop operations have become more streamlined, ensuring a professional and efficient operating system. Their experience showcases the power of embracing change, improving internal processes, and enhancing customer interactions. Jörg concludes, “Hubtiger has really changed our shop for the better.”