In an ongoing effort to help bike shops like yours streamline their workshop efficiency and customer experience, we have launched a new mobile app that boasts a number of usability improvements and new features that are beneficial for both bike shops and cyclists.

In addition to booking a bike repair/ service at your local bike shop, the new app now enables cyclists to book bike fittings within the app.
Whether cyclists are interested in enhancing the comfort and performance of their current bike or in the market for a new one, booking a bike fit has never been easier.

The app’s main enhancement, however, is a nifty new feature called shop rides. The shop rides feature is designed to help bike shops manage and spread the word about upcoming rides with the aim of attracting more customers and building relationships with cyclists in the community.

Bike shops can simply add upcoming ride details to the Hubtiger portal and cyclists will be able to view and register for the rides via the Hubtiger mobile app.

These new improvements mark a leap in our mission of streamlining bike shop efficiency and customer experience – but this is just the beginning. Soon we will be releasing even more features and improvements, including a shop ride widget and an integration with Klarna.

Available to download

for free via Google Play and App Store

Hubtiger Mobile App
Hubtiger Mobile App