About Lightspeed

Lightspeed is the unified POS and payments platform powering the world’s best businesses in over 100 countries. With timesaving tools and integrations, performance-boosting insights, and personalised expert support, Lightspeed helps ambitious retail entrepreneurs focus on what matters, keeping staff happy, providing the best customer experience, and becoming the go-to destination in their space.

How Hubtiger and Lightspeed work together

Imagine having the power to effortlessly control your inventory, access crucial shop data, and streamline both internal and customer communication. That’s precisely what Hubtiger and Lightspeed bring to the table.

Shops using Hubtiger and Lightspeed

The growing community of successful retailers who are using the combined power of Hubtiger and Lightspeed.

Here is what you can expect with these two powerful solutions by your side:

Optimise Sales and Customer Data Management:

Experience a seamless workflow as Hubtiger automatically retrieves SKUs from Lightspeed when creating a quote, ensuring up-to-date inventory records. Upon quote approval, Hubtiger seamlessly syncs with Lightspeed, updating customer records or creating new ones. This ensures retailers have up-to-date customer data, streamlining their operations and enhancing the customer experience.

Streamline Sales Communication

Hubtiger and Lightspeed’s synchronised notes ensure everyone’s on the same page, while Lightspeed’s feature provides easy access to vital customer details. Experience personalised service and complete visibility throughout the process.

Effortlessly Track and Manage Inventory

Gain complete visibility over inventory with the ability to track stock for completed or paid jobs with Hubtiger and Lightspeed. Additionally, generate reports on inventory that have been rented, booked out but not yet paid for, streamlining the inventory reconciliation process.

Level-Up Your Retail Operations with Hubtiger and Lightspeed

Discover the convenience of synced store data, providing complete oversight and delivering unparalleled operational excellence to shops like never before.