About Retail Express by Maropost

Retail Express by Maropost is a powerful POS solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of multi-channel retail businesses. With its powerful features and comprehensive support, RetailExpress empowers retailers to streamline their operations, manage inventory efficiently, and drive business growth. Whether it’s managing inventory, tracking sales, or analysing customer data, RetailExpress offers a range of functionalities to streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

How Hubtiger and Retail Express work together

Quick and easy to get started

Integrating the two solutions is as simple as copying your Retail Express API key and pasting it into the Hubtiger interface.

Streamlined processes and task automation

The integration enables retailers to automate processes and eliminate manual tasks, saving time while boosting overall operational efficiency.

Epos Now
Epos Now
Enhanced customer experience

With a holistic view of customer interactions, retailers can personalise experiences, provide faster and more accurate service, and build stronger relationships that keep customers coming back.

Experience the power of real-time syncing

Customer and product data sync continuously, ensuring that data is always up to date and eliminates errors caused by manual data entry across multiple solutions.

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