About Square

Square enhances your business, automates your shop for optimal efficiency, and allows you to concentrate on exploring new revenue streams. This POS system simplifies business management whether you’re running your operations in-person, online, over the phone, or on the go.

How Hubtiger and Square work together:

Hubtiger and Square Point of Sale
Streamline your shop operations

Effortlessly link jobs and inventory between Square and Hubtiger, eliminating manual efforts like copying jobs from your workshop system to your POS system.

Complete inventory visibility

Effortlessly streamline your inventory reconciliation process with the ability to generate inventory reports for both paid and scheduled bookings.

Effortlessly track payments

With visibility into repair jobs, inventory and payments, you can easily monitor your workshop and overall business performance to make data-driven business decisions and personalise your customer experience.

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Discover the convenience of synced store data, providing complete oversight and delivering unparalleled operational excellence to shops like never before.