Great news, Hubtiger community! We’re thrilled to announce the rollout of our latest feature: Third-Party Payments. As the name suggests, this latest feature is specially designed to help shop owners seamlessly manage their interactions and payments with external partners. Think about those moments when you’re dealing with external parties like insurance companies or manufacturer warranty claims – the kind of stuff that can get a bit intricate.


Imagine this: Your customer spots a fault on their brand-new bike, and the manufacturer steps in to handle the replacement. Alternatively, they’ve landed a fantastic deal that includes servicing, with a third party shouldering the payment.


That’s where Hubtiger’s Third-Party payments feature steps in to streamline communication and collaboration by allowing you to effortlessly set up third parties, tailor notification triggers, and delegate payment responsibilities.

The key benefits of the third-party payments feature include:
  • Minimise the manual communication efforts by automating notifications, saving time for both shop owners and third parties.
  • Adapt Hubtiger to your unique business needs with configurable triggers and payment responsibilities.
  • Strengthen partnerships with third parties through clear and timely communication, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.
  • Streamline your financial processes by assigning specific payment responsibilities, reducing ambiguity and ensuring accurate accounting.

How To Use Third Party Payments

Step 1

To use the Third-Party Payments feature, start by logging into your Workshop and heading to the ‘Settings’ section.

Third Party Payments Widget View
Step 2

Within the ‘Settings’ section, locate the ‘Third-Parties’ card and click on ‘Add New’. This is where you can set up a new third-party entity and choose whether the customer and third party should receive automated communication notifications.

Third Party Payments Setup
Step 3

Once you’ve completed the setup in ‘Third Parties’, you’ll find the option to choose the responsible third party in a drop-down menu on your booking card. You can easily select the appropriate party for each transaction using this menu.

Third Party Payments In Booking View