At Hubtiger, we’re driven by your feedback and dedicated to enhancing your experience. Our recent updates introduce an exciting range of features designed to supercharge your shop management and amplify your interaction with our software. Let’s dive into the latest updates:

Say Hello to Rental Security Deposits:

Drumroll, please! We understand the importance of safeguarding your rental equipment and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature – rental security deposits. In addition to the rental fee, you can now collect a security deposit that acts as a safety net for unexpected situations.

The deposit is securely held on the customer’s credit card and if the rented item is returned with any damage or missing parts, then only will the security deposit be taken to cover the repair or replacement costs. Plus, you can tailor the security deposit amount based on each item’s value.


Bonus: We now also integrate with Paystack. Our African based shops using our Rental Software can now effortlessly manage online payments and deposits via Paystack.

Rentals Security Deposit

How To: To enable security deposits, log in to your rental software, navigate to ‘Settings’, access ‘Rental Configuration’, and toggle on the option for security deposits.

Note that you’ll need to connect your Stripe account for this feature to work.

Flexibility in Booking Times:

The Rental booking platform has had an upgrade. You  can now override the fixed booking slots in store. Late-night requests, after-hours bookings, or last-minute rentals? Not a problem, you call the shots.

Rental Management Software

How To: When making a rental booking, you can choose to toggle the ‘Override dates’ option to customise the rental period. Alternatively, you can access the settings, go to ‘Rental Operating Times’, and add a store times override to specify the desired rental period details.

Clean Up with Bulk Actions:

Ever wished you could change the status of historical job cards in bulk? Wish granted! You can now select multiple repair jobs and change their status in one go. Note: Customer communication will not be sent out when changing statuses in bulk. See it in action.

Repair Bulk Actions

How To: To perform bulk actions on your historical job cards,  navigate to the ‘Services’ tab. From there, use the provided ‘Bulk Action’ buttons to manage multiple services at once.

Customisable Service Type Messages:

We’re stepping up the communication game with customisable service type messages!


You get to decide which messages your customers receive, all tailored to the service they’re getting. Got a customer who popped in for a quick tire fix and don’t want to bother them with a 6-month service reminder? Just toggle a switch, and it’s out of their way. And if you’d rather replace that 6-month reminder with some other text to keep them coming back for more, well, that’s a piece of cake! Your service, your rules. 


Service Communication

How To: To disable messaging for a specific message template in your workshop software, access the ‘Settings’ section, go to ‘Service Type,’ select the desired service type, locate the message template at the bottom, and toggle off the messaging option.

Deposits for Services:

Just like rental deposits, this feature lets you secure service and repair appointments with upfront deposits, solidifying customer commitments and reducing the frustration of no-shows!


Rental Management Software

How To: To activate service deposits, connect your Stripe account first. Once connected, go to the ‘Settings’ section, access ‘Service Deposit Configuration,’ and toggle the ‘Take Payment During Online Bookings’ button and click ‘Deposits”.

Whether it’s safeguarding your rental fleet, supercharging your repairs, or paving the way for seamless service commitments, remember, we’re with you every step of the way. Give these new updates a spin, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or suggestions with us. 

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