Giant Breda Success Story

Efficient processes and exceptional customer service are often the gears that keep everything running smoothly for many bike shops. Milan Dekkers, shop owner of Giant Store Breda and fellow bike enthusiast, knows this all too well. Having worked in the bike industry his entire career and gained a wealth of knowledge from top-tier bike shops, he had the opportunity to open his own bike shop – Giant Store Breda.

Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, Giant Store Breda has been a hotspot for cyclists since 2022. Here, customers can enjoy a selection of top-quality bikes, a variety of cycling accessories and access to exceptional repair and maintenance services. What sets Giant Store Breda apart is its commitment to fostering a cycling community. It’s more than just a bike shop, it’s a place for cyclists to come together, ask questions, engage in conversations, and forge connections over a shared love for biking, all while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The Challenge

Having previously worked at a digitally advanced bike shop in Dubai, Milan is determined to maintain these high standards in his own shop. He leads the way by embracing digital solutions, ensuring that Giant Store Breda remains at the forefront of the biking experience.

Contrary to his past experience, he quickly realised that many local shops still relied on outdated manual methods to manage their repair operations, causing inefficiencies and delays in customer service, ultimately leaving them at a disadvantage in today’s digitally advanced world.

Recognising the need for a change, Milan set out to transform Giant Store Breda into the modern, efficient, and customer-centric bike shop that it is today.  

His main challenge was dealing with operational bottlenecks. The shop still relied on paper workshop cards to document repairs, leading to inefficiencies and the risk of manual errors.

Giant Breda

Additionally, there were communication issues with customers, often resulting in delays in obtaining quote approvals for unexpected repair issues that required immediate attention. This not only impacted the shop’s efficiency but also customer satisfaction. Furthermore, long waiting times for customers to collect their bikes added to the challenges. 

To elaborate on this, Milan states “We relied on paper workshop cards to document everything. Back-and-forth customer calls were causing delays, and when we encountered issues with items and couldn’t reach them immediately for permission to finish certain services. Overall, the process was time-consuming and impractical”.

Addressing these issues became a priority to enhance both operational efficiency and the overall customer experience at Giant Store Breda.

The Solution

Drawing on his past experience, he recalled using Hubtiger, the service and repair management software he had used in Dubai.  Milan reached out to the Hubtiger team, and within a week, Giant Store Breda had Hubtiger fully operational.

“I reached out to the Hubtiger team. Within a week, everything was set up for the new shop.”

– Milan Dekkers, Store Manager, Giant Breda

With Hubtiger’s digital job card capabilities, Milan cut down on paper usage by effortlessly creating digital job cards. He can easily assign these digital cards to his mechanics, allowing him and his team to monitor job statuses with ease. With just one click, Milan can even push job cards to his point-of-sale (POS) system, ensuring a smooth payment experience.

Plus, by leveraging Hubtiger’s built-in communication features, Milan and his team can now directly engage with customers for swift quote approvals and issue resolution. Additionally, they can automate service reminders, provide customers with real-time updates on repair progress, and send notifications about exciting group rides – all directly within Hubtiger.

When asking Milan about his first impression about the Hubtiger team, his repsonse was overwhelmingly positive: “What stood out was Hubtiger’s willingness to go the extra mile. For example, despite the contractual obligations to use a specific point-of-sale (POS) system, Hubtiger seamlessly integrated it into their software, simplifying invoicing for customers. They even provided a complete translation, ensuring our customers could use it in their own language.”

The Results

With Hubtiger in place, customers can conveniently book their bike services directly from their mobile devices, either using the Hubtiger mobile app or making a booking via the Giant Store Breda website. As a result, Milan and the team have substantially reduced their time spent on the phone with customers looking to schedule repairs. This gives the team more time to focus on their repair work and offers customers the convenience of scheduling their next service hassle-free, whether the shop is open or closed.  Milan added, “It made our shop more efficient, reduced interruptions, and allowed us to focus on what we love.”

Daily tasks are streamlined and scheduled bookings ensure the right parts are ready, making mornings hassle-free. Additionally, communication with customers improved significantly. “We can request permission for additional repairs via text message, and customers can respond back, enhancing the overall experience,” Milan explains.

Giant Store Breda’s story serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact of a partner like Hubtiger, which not only enhanced shop operations but also significantly improved the overall customer experience.

Giant Store Breda

As Milan reflected on their journey, he emphasised, “Not only did Hubtiger benefit us as staff, but our customers also appreciate the enhanced experience.”

Hubtiger’s positive impact on the shop was also apparent to Milan’s team members, who commented, “Hubtiger’s exceptional general overview impressed us. With Hubtiger, we have various options available. For instance, we can label bikes that require warranty repairs, making it more convenient to track and follow up on those.” 

In the end, the transformation at Giant Store Breda was unmistakable. “Our bike servicing and repair process became significantly more efficient,” Milan states. “We streamlined our daily operations, and customers could easily grant us permission for additional work via a quick text.”

Milan concluded, “I wholeheartedly recommend Hubtiger. Their genuine care and tailored solutions have elevated our shop’s operations. In this digital age, it’s refreshing to have a partner that listens and strives to provide solutions.”