Questions about our pricing

Is the contract a month-to-month contract?

Yes, your shop has no obligations and can cancel at any time.


Do I get a free trial?

Absolutely! You get full access to all our features throughout your trial period. Get started with a free trial here.

Should you see a lot of value in Hubtiger and would like special pricing, please contact us and we can arrange something equitable.


Can I start off with your one plan and upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade whenever you want.


Do I need to insert my credit card?

Ideally. We can invoice you, but doing a monthly debit for your Hubtiger subscription saves both you and our company valuable time.


Is everything included or do I need to pay for extras?

It depends on the package you take but the only additional things you will need to pay for are SMSes. However, this depends on your package.

Questions about Hubtiger’s integration with point-of-sales software

What point-of-sale solutions does Hubtiger integrate with?

Hubtiger currently integrates into Lightspeed, Xero, Square, Vend, Shopify, Epos Now, Retail Express, Sage, Netsuite and more. Can’t see your POS provider? Check our up-to-date integrations page or start a chat with a support agent to suggest an integration partner.


How do you keep the products and pricing up to date?

Once Hubtiger is integrated with your POS, it will sync products, pricing and customer details automatically. Hubtiger syncs incrementally meaning it is always up to date.


Does the Hubtiger quote get the product data from the POS?

Yes, Hubtiger syncs the product info, SKU and pricing from your POS.


How easy is it to sync with Vend or Lightspeed?

It is very easy. It takes a couple of minutes to pull your clients and products.


How do I send a quote to Lightspeed, Vend or Xero?

Select the relevant booking and it will open the job card. Under the “Quotes” tab, you will see the pending quote. Make sure you have added all items to the quote, then press “send to POS”. Go into your point-of-sale system and it will be under a pending sale/parked sale, depending on which point-of-sale package you use. 


Does Hubtiger cater for special orders in Lightspeed?

Yes, it does.

General questions regarding Hubtiger

Do you provide training?

Absolutely. We have live customer support, training and setup support, plus a whole resource centre for you to peruse at your leisure.


In which countries is Hubtiger available?

Hubtiger is available in 24+ countries, to find out if Hubtiger is available in your region contact using the chat bubble on our website.


How do I get in touch with a consultant?

Start a chat with one of our team members using the chat bubble below.


Where is the data stored?

All data is securely stored on globally replicated databases and storage accounts.


What cloud service does Hubtiger use?

Hubtiger uses Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud service provider.

Questions about setting up the Hubtiger software and assistance

How do I place the online booking widget on my website?

Hubtiger provides you with an iFrame (creates a snippet of code) which you can imbed into your website. Navigate to the settings page on Hubtiger, create your booking widget and the generate the iFrame at the bottom of the page. Copy the iFrame and imbed it on any page on your website. For an in-depth guide please read this blog on booking widgets.


How do I allow mobile bookings?

Click on the settings tab and select ‘Shop Profile’. You will be able to turn mobile bookings on and off by toggling the switch. Once you have finalised the quantity and other details, click on the green tick.


How do I change the units of measure on Hubtiger?

Select your profile at the top right-hand corner of the page. There, you will see a Unit of measure category where you can switch between imperial and metric units.


How do I open Hubtiger on different computers?

You can use the same credentials to log in on as many devices as you would like using your email and password.


What does “minimum job card number” mean?

It means what the next job card number will be. So if you set it to 100, the next job card number will be 101. This should allow you to continue your job card numbering, so you don’t have to start again.


How do I access the Hubtiger knowledge base?

On the top right-hand corner of the Hubtiger portal, there is a question mark. Click on that and you can view several videos that will guide you through Hubtiger.

Questions about services on the Hubtiger software

How do I add a new service?

Select the settings button and select the category you would like to add to the service. Click on the 3 dots and select “add service”. Enter the details of the service and then press “save”.


What happens if not all the technicians can perform all of the services?

You can choose which technician can perform which services. To do this, click on the settings button, select the category that the service is under and then click on the service that you would like to change. You will see a heading labelled “technicians”. Select the technicians you would like to perform the service and deselect those who cannot perform it. Press “save” before you exit.


What’s the difference between a service category and a service type?

A service type is a service within the service category. For example, a front shock service is the service type and the service category would be “suspension”. We allow you to create service categories to organise and assist you in managing the services in your workshop.


Can we have multiple users using the system at once?

Yes, Hubtiger is web-based and multiple users can be doing different things at different times.


Does Hubtiger offer reporting for the workshop?

Yes, we have numerous reports looking at technicians, services, revenue and breakdown of all aspects your workshop.

Questions about bookings and job cards

How do I make a booking on Hubtiger?

Click on the calendar tab and select an available time slot under the technician who will do your service. You can search for the client by inserting their surname, email address or telephone number. Then simply fill in any necessary information to complete the booking.


How do I search for a previous job card?

Previous job cards are all located on the calendar. Click on the calendar tab on the left in the top right hand corner of the calendar click on the search icon (magnifying glass). A pop-up will appear and you can use any of the following info to find the job card you are looking for: Job card number, email address, phone number, first name, last name or the items serial number.


How do I send a quote to the client if I don’t have their permission to add extra components to the job card?

Select the relevant job card. Within the job card, click on the quote tab. There is a button that says “send for approval”. Once the quote has been successfully sent for approval, you will notice the job card will turn orange. Once the customer has approved the quote, the job card will turn green.


How do I find an SKU on the job card?

Open the job card. Select “quote”. Click on the + sign on the right-hand side of the job card. A white box will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. Search for the name of the product or SKU number. Once you have finalised the quantity and other details, click on the green tick. You can repeat this process until you have added all of the SKUs.


How do I print a job card?

When you open a job card you will see that at the top right-hand corner, there is an icon that looks like a printer. Simply click on this icon, and it will create a printable version of the job card.


What’s the difference between an external note and an internal note?

An external note will appear on the client’s invoice in the customer portal. Internal notes allow your team to communicate with one another and are for shop use only. Internal notes are not visible to your customers.


Where will I find an items service history?

Open the client’s job card and click on the tab at the top that describes the item. Depending on what types of items you service, this could say ‘bike/boat/motorcycle/item’. At the bottom, you will see the service history relating to that item. If you want a more in-depth view, search for the client’s surname on the top right of the calendar and you will be able to see all their previous job cards.


How do I see the kilometres or miles of an item on Hubtiger?

When customer’s item is in for a service, open the job card and find the details of your client’s item. You will be able to see the total km or miles that the item has done as well as the mileage on the components.


Can the workshop manager move the job cards to another mechanic or another day?

Yes, job cards can be moved to another mechanic or another day. If the job will take more than one day to complete in terms of estimated hours, you can simply drag the job card left and right to include days on either side.

Does the customer get a notification if the job card is moved from one day to another or from one technician to another?

No, the customer only receives automated notifications for the status changes which are active in settings. These notifications include: Service has commenced, Waiting for parts, Waiting for the client, Service is complete and Item has been collected.


Can the shop change the service types, user details, work hours or any of the shop details?

Yes, most elements in Hubtiger can be configured by the shop under “Settings”.


Can the shop configure the default time per service type for the job card?
Yes, each service type has an estimated time to service. You can customise the estimated time for each service type as you see fit on the settings page.

Questions about automated communication (email and sms)

How do I buy SMS credits?

Click on the side menu and select the settings tab. Select “Message bundles” and choose the package you would like to purchase by clicking on “Buy bundle”. Enter your credit card details in the payment gateway and you’re all set!


How do I send a text message?

Click on the booking and it will open the job card. Click on the “messaging” tab. Type in your message to the customer and press send.


Why do I get an error message when I try and send a text message?

The error can occur for 3 reasons:

  • You’ve exceeded your available SMS’s
  • You do not have the client’s phone number
  • The client’s phone number is not in an international format


Can I only send mobile in-app messages with Hubtiger? 

No, Hubtiger can send SMS, email and in-app notifications.


Is messaging via Hubtiger free?

Only the SMS messages have a cost per SMS but in-app notifications and emails are free.


Can the shop change the wording and design of the notifications and emails that go out to customers?

Yes, all the automated emails and messages can be tailored to your brand in the ‘messaging’ section on the settings page.


Can I add my shop logo to the emails?

Yes, of course. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the message template tab
  2. Choose the relevant emails you would like to place your logo on
  3. Copy and paste the image into the area where you would like it to be displayed


How do I turn emails on or off?

Click on the sidebar and select “Settings”. Under ‘Messaging’ select ‘Message Templates’. Read through the list of email template and choose which ones you would like to turn off or on. Click into each email template you would like to change. Once the template pops up, you will see toggle called “Email Active”. Turn the Email Active toggle on or off, as you desire.

You can easily get an overview of which message template are active for email and sms by looking to see if the email icon or sms icon is green. If it is green it’s on and if it’s greyed out, it’s off.


Do all the automated communication messages have to go out during the service?

No, messages can be configured to be active or inactive. To do this, navigate to settings and click on message templates.


Can the customer reply to the shop?

Yes, the customer can communicate with the shop with our messaging solution on the customer portal.

Questions about your customers on Hubtiger

How do I see when a customer is due for a service?

Click on the Dashboard tab and on the right-hand side of the page, you will see a box titled “Due for Service”. You will see three different categories you filter by. You can either choose based on hours, based on distance or based on month intervals. This will open a page with all the items that are due for service within that category.


Can you delete a customer?

No, you cannot delete a customer, as it is legally their information. However, you can email the Hubtiger team to de-link that customer from your shop.


My customers are not up to date. What do I do?

On the menu bar on the left of the screen. Click on “Customers”. In the top right-hand corner, there is an icon of two arrows going in a circular motion. Click on them and it will update all of the clients in Hubtiger that are in your POS.