About Epos Now

Epos Now is an all-in-one business management system designed to empower small and medium-sized merchants across various industries. By equipping merchants with leading point-of-sale and payment technologies Epos Now aims to help merchants optimise sales, create efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences.

Shops using Hubtiger and Epos Now

The growing community of successful retailers who are using the combined power of Hubtiger and Epos Now.


With the integration between Hubtiger and Epos Now, retailers can:

Streamline Sales and Inventory Management

Experience effortless synchronisation between Hubtiger and Epos Now. Create quotes in Hubtiger with automatic SKU retrieval from Epos Now, and enjoy real-time inventory updates. Upon every quote approval, Epos Now is updated and synced with Hubtiger, ensuring accurate and up to date customer records.

Elevate Customer Service

Take customer service to new heights by combining Epos Now’s historic sales  data  and customer notes with Hubtiger’s customer communication data. With the integration you gain the flexibility to access and update customer information from any location within your shop. This empowers your team to provide personalised sales approaches and ensures that you have the most up-to-date customer data at your disposal.

Ensure Reliable Payment Processing

Simplify transactions with Epos Now’s seamless handling of all payment types. Benefit from automatic data syncs and transparent fee management, covering bookings, rentals, outstanding job payments, and streamlined transactions for a smooth checkout experience throughout the shop.

Repair Shop Software

The powerful integration of Hubtiger and Epos Now brings together the best of both worlds, providing retailers with a comprehensive solution for seamless and customer-centric operations. By aligning every aspect of the retail journey, from the point of sale to the workshop, this integration optimises efficiency and enhances the overall retail experience.

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Experience the Seamless Integration of Epos Now and Hubtiger

Discover the power of Epos Now and Hubtiger working hand-in-hand. Effortlessly manage inventory, sales, and workshop activities with real-time data sync, unlocking a new era of efficiency for your business.