Consumers no longer rely solely on ads and brand claims to make purchasing decisions. Instead, they turn to more reliable sources of information, like customer reviews. Reviews are the collective voice of your customers, reflecting their personal encounters and the responsiveness of retailers. For many shops, customer reviews can either make or break the deal when it comes to gaining your customer’s trust and attracting new customers.

Here's how customer reviews can impact your shop's growth

Customer Reviews Build Trust and Credibility

Ever noticed how a shop with a flood of positive customer reviews instantly puts you at ease? Good reviews build trust, making potential customers more likely to choose you. They’re the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations. When potential customers see positive reviews from real people, they are more likely to trust your brand.

Identifying Areas for Improvement

Yes, even negative customer reviews can be a roadmap to improvement. These less-than-stellar reviews can offer valuable insights that help you fine-tune your services. Embrace constructive criticism, fix the problem, and respond with grace. Responding to negative reviews demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and can even turn detractors into loyal customers.

Fostering Customer Engagement

Customer reviews should be seen as a two-way conversation. Engaging with reviews, whether it is thanking them for positive feedback or addressing a negative review, creates a sense of community and customer loyalty. It’s a way to demonstrate that you genuinely care about your customer feedback.

The power of reviews for your shop

How To Collect and Manage Customer Reviews

Invite Feedback

Encourage customers to share their experiences by sending a warm invitation. A simple, “We’d love to hear from you!” can go a long way. This approach creates a sense of openness and trust but also helps to build lasting relationships. When customers feel that their opinions are valued, they’re more likely to become regular visitors, resulting in more return business and positive customer reviews.

Extend Your Review Reach

To gain more customer reviews use powerful platforms like Google and Trustpilot, as well as social media channels, to connect with a wider audience and potentially bring in new customers. Being active on these platforms demonstrates your confidence and commitment to transparency. A transparent business image builds trust, inviting more people to engage with your shop.

Address Potential Concerns When Receiving Customer Reviews

As customer reviews start coming in, seize the opportunity to build trust by thanking customers for positive feedback and addressing concerns head-on. When you respond quickly to negative feedback, it’s a way of saying, “We care, and we’re here to make it right.” This active engagement can transform your dissatisfied customers into your biggest advocates. Why? Because It’s your way of telling customers that their input is not just welcome, but it’s valued.

Showcase the Love

Proudly display those positive customer reviews on your website or social media. When potential clients see satisfied customers openly sharing their experiences about your shop, it significantly boosts your shop’s credibility, enhancing the likelihood of them choosing your services over competitors. This strategy serves as social proof, highlighting the quality of your products and the excellence of your customer service.

Customer reviews aren’t just stars and comments – they’re the backbone of informed decision-making. By embracing the lessons, building credibility, and engaging with customers through reviews, you can steer your shop toward remarkable growth.

How to Easily Collect and Manage Your Customer Reviews with Hubtiger

If you’re already using Hubtiger, you might be aware of our nifty review collection feature within the platform. In the past, these customer reviews would quietly reside on your Hubtiger dashboard for your team’s eyes only. However, we’re excited to share an update to this feature. Now, you can link your preferred review platform, whether it’s Google or Trustpilot, directly to your Hubtiger account. 


You can include the review link in your automated post-service messages to customers. Your customers will be directed to your review profile to share their thoughts, helping you gather feedback and showcase your shop’s awesomeness.

Customer Reviews in Hubtiger

How To: To use this feature, simply log into your Hubtiger account, head to ‘Settings,’ and click on ‘Shop Profile.’ Link your review profile with a URL, or watch this video to learn how to set it up.

Note: You’ll need to have an existing Google review or Trustpilot profile to enable this feature.

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